Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, we have a 7 days free trial. Get started on our pricing page.

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

To cancel your subscription you can go to Socialspil.com click on the login button -> Click on the manage button -> Login with the account you created upon purchase -> Click on My Subscriptions -> Cancel

Our package prices are fixed. If any price change may occur we will inform you.

All of our payments are processed by Stripe. You can pay with all major credit cards.

The content

Yes, our service is focused on providing daily content, but you’re free to post even more content as you wish. It’s your brand, your social media page.

We have a team of dedicated social media experts who are trained to create, find and post ideal content, experienced with different brands in various industries.

If you are an active client, you can contact our support team that will address your feedback or changes to your future content.

The setup

Head over to our pricing page and click on ‘Get Started’. We’ll ask for your credit details once and after that, your subscription with us has started.

Before your payment, there’ll be a questionnaire to make sure we’re on the same level in terms of which content you’re expecting, what your business is about and in which industry it’s active. Don’t worry, we’ll only post relevant content for your business, just like we’d do for our own company.

No, you don’t have to give us your login details, but can give us permission to post via our own tool. This is part of the onboarding process.

You’ll receive your trial content within 7 working days after signing up.


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