Hashtags are the basis of Social Media these days. When someone needs to convey something, they make use of hashtags, instead of just providing a written description. That is because hashtags are eye-catching and since the tags themselves lead to different Social Media posts, they help people, businesses, and customers both, in expanding their network and create new ways of communicating with people. Hashtags Marketing has been an integral part of Instagram for a while now, as the Instagram Hashtags when used wisely and judiciously, help in the Organic Growth of businesses on Instagram.


Hashtags are especially important because they are the decision-makers as to what the Instagrammers are going to follow at the moment. The trending hashtags, which more often than not, are started by a famous Instagram influencer, directly draw the interests of Instagram Shoppers and indicate the way the wind is blowing. Hashtag Marketing, in a specific manner, is aimed towards these trends. Businesses can make use of these Instagram trends, by linking their product with the current trend, to extend their reach to a wider audience. This way, the business can gain a huge number of followers, many of whom follow the Instagram trend waves and make purchases from the business. Social Spil is a huge help here, enabling the businesses in keeping track of the individual short term, current trends, so that the businesses can make adjustments to roll with the trends, instead of presenting a product that goes against the trend and, may make them suffer losses. This way, even when the trending Hashtags change, the Hashtag Marketing knowledge that Social Spil provides these businesses enables them to keep up with the current trend.



There is also another avenue to the Hashtag Marketing, one which uses Hashtags for Growth, and is part of the long term, Organic Growth of business. This part refers to the hashtags which trend on a general basis. The hashtags for clothes, for accessories, for services, for properties, for visuals, and many more, which serve the general purpose of explaining the visual in more than simple words, are used in thousands if not millions of other posts, to the extent that many times, Instagram shoppers make use of hashtags to search for the things they want to purchase. This way, when Social Spil helps a business in choosing the correct and most-appealing hashtags for their products, it not only helps in giving an accurate and attractive description of the product but also in helping the business display their products, whenever shoppers search for the suited hashtags. This process, while slow and gradual, helps in the Organic Growth of businesses.


Hashtags also correlate to themes, and more often than not, these hashtags can target the business’ target audience more effectively with the help of their prescribed theme, than business will be able to do with the help of Instagram Ads by themselves. Apart from that, they play an equal part in directing an Instagrammers’ attention towards the Instagram page of a business, as much as the Instagram Ads do.



There is one downside to the hashtags though. While there is no specified number, for the number of hashtags that can be attached to an Instagram post, hashtag spamming, more often than not, leads to a major decline in sales of a product. That is because spamming leads to saturation, to the point where a potential customer is not able to decide if the hashtag is trying to describe the product shown, or if it is present just to reach a wider audience. The other aspect is, when a customer searches for a particular Instagram hashtag, he/she is expecting results that correspond with this hashtag. When a business’ product is displayed with the desired hashtag but does not show the relevant product, the customer may very well flag the business, sometimes just as a memory, or more often than not, blocking the Instagram page, believing it to be a spammer instead of a legitimate business page. Social Spil helps businesses circumnavigate this, by helping them make careful choices for their hashtags, not too many, not too many, and not the ones which are not related to either the product, the business’ or the business. Social Spil also helps the business’ in integrating long term trending hashtags with current trends, to give a product which has Hashtags for Growth and promotes the Organic Growth of the business.


In conclusion, hashtags are very beneficial when they are used in the manner they are intended for, the business can and should become creative, but not without maintaining the policy of quality over quantity, escaping the route of hashtag spamming all this while.