Instagram Marketing is neither simple nor is it easy. A lot of thought goes into making Instagram Marketing the biggest aspect of Social Media Marketing, and in turn, gathers the best customers and the most profits out of Instagram Sales. This means that there is always a list of things, discovered through trial and error, that a business needs to keep in mind to promote Instagram Growth of themselves, while at the same time avoiding all of the pitfalls that come while doing business on Instagram. Lets’ take a look at this series of Do’s and Don’ts:




1) Instagram Marketing and Regular Posting

On an Instagram business account, regular posts are a must to create a brand presence and expand the reach of the business. A semi-active, or an inactive Instagram account makes customers think that the business is not putting forth the effort, and as such, it is even worse than the total absence of an account.


2) Consistency in the look

The Instagram page needs creativity and uniqueness, but that doesn’t mean that it can move between themes and topics. Consistency is needed, one which ascribes to a particular aesthetic, because customers who have visited the Instagram page expect a certain visual while scrolling. Social Spil helps in getting into the research and determining the best aesthetic.


3) Including followers in promotions and events

For the business to show Instagram Growth, their followers need to feel that they are a part of the business. Getting them involved in various events with prizes, or running contests over Instagram posts for them, helps in promoting Instagram Growth, and increases the chances of more followers opting to buy from the business.


4) Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories act as a change to the page, showing new and creative ideas, interacting with the followers directly, and in helping to push new changes and developments for the business. The more important parts of Instagram Stories can be ably handled by making use of Social Spil to determine the best content to share with the followers.


5) Using the hashtags

There is no certain limit to the hashtags that a business uses. While sometimes these seem a bit too much, but if used with the help of something like Social Spil to use the most appropriate, descriptive, and appealing hashtags, Instagram Marketing gives great dividends. A proper description of a product with hashtags not only interests the customers but clicking on these hashtags brings the customers to even more products of the business.




1) Don’t use Instagram Marketing for promotion only

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Growth is directly linked to how much people relate to a page. If there are too many posts of the products, then only most regular and loyal shoppers will remain attached to the page. Instead of spamming new products every hour, the businesses need to consult with a service such as Social Spil, to add a more human element to the page, adding stories, and sharing among users.


2) Don’t forget captions and don’t spam hashtags

These two go hand in hand. If a great Instagram post doesn’t have a good enough caption on it, then it might as well not be there. People first look at the caption to get a fair idea of the product and then they look at the hashtags. The absence of a caption sometimes leads to the followers leaving the page without even browsing the hashtags. Similarly, while as stated above, there is no actual limit to using the hashtags, they have to be relevant and relating to the message that is being conveyed, whether it is a message about the business, a message about the product, or even a social message. Just spamming hashtags – a technique that is never recommended by Social Spil and can even be prevented by taking the help of their services – is likely to result in people treating the Instagram Page as spam, and the Instagram Growth quickly becoming negative. This leads to many businesses giving up on getting any Instagram Sales, and washing their hands off of Instagram Marketing and sometimes, even the whole Social Media Marketing, missing out on a majority of their sales.


3) Not addressing feedback from Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Sometimes, the businesses go along with their planned marketing strategy, irrespective of the feedback, and critiques that they receive from their customers and followers. This leads to the businesses moving away from their target audience resulting in a negative Instagram Growth and decline in Instagram Sales. This pitfall is also avoidable to a large extent, by making use of Social Spil to create a system that helps in taking invaluable feedbacks and integrating them into the business.