Building Brand Authenticity online, as compared to just building it offline, is a must for businesses to flourish at present. Since the potential customers for business are present in a huge amount, the businesses must maintain and build a relationship. It should be based on mutual trust and understanding with the customers. Otherwise, the customers may find another business to get their needs met. There is always an abundance of various types of businesses present online. Here are some tips for businesses that will help build up the authenticity of their brand on the digital platform.


1) Keep it real

Real and authentic brand names should be used for social media marketing. Avoid making customers goes through multiple vague forms or send emails to ‘info@’ or similar accounts. It adversely affects the Customer’s Trust in the business. Social Spil helps businesses in this process, by helping them put the best foot forward. Whether it be by helping display a professional photo of the business or the product on their social media accounts. Businesses should always make interaction more intimate and authentic.


2) Respect the customers’ privacy

Always ensure the customer that their privacy is not being violated. Always before, during, or after Online Sales, the business needs to include their privacy policy. Along with it, a statement stating how they are going to use the customer’s personal information.


3) Maintaining a relationship with the customers

Brand Authenticity

To build and boost their Brand Authenticity, the businesses need to maintain this relationship by engaging their customers. It can be done through offers, news updates, and interesting titbits. It can be about the upcoming services and products they are providing. Social Spil assists here by streamlining this process. Appropriate information is sent to customers, based on their initial interaction and the interests. It is essential to understand the interest they show in the business’s products.


4) Take the customers’ and critiques’ reviews

Brand Authenticity

Businesses need to build a system that takes in the reviews and suggestions of their customers and various critiques, highlighting the helpful suggestions and the ones which were implemented to better their product. When customers feel that they are making a difference and helping a product, they continue to use it, if not only for the product but also because they were part of getting the product to its current state.


5) Enhance their social presence

Brand Authenticity

Social Spil is a huge help in this process. Whether it is helping with creating a good Social Media Marketing platform, or if it is about interaction with their customers to build the Customer Trust, businesses, more often then not, need a guide that helps them through the process of increasing their Online Sales, that is directly linked to Online Marketing, and more importantly, Social Media Marketing. Social Spil helps make the transition from offline to online, smoother than normal, thus enabling businesses to create an Online Presence and building Brand Authenticity, more quickly than would be possible just to be themselves.


6) Create a following to establish Brand Authenticity

Brand Authenticity

Through Youtube, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, and through their website, the business can and should create content that is valued and appreciated by their customers and potential customers. When people see for themselves that the business is actively involved in taking care of their customers and that the business values their opinions, not only in helping better their product but also in providing better services to the customers, the customers tend to follow the business at various Social Media Platforms.


Tweeting the right tweets, posting right Instagram stories, posting the best videos and so much more helps in enhancing a customers’ view of the company, and Social Spil helps in managing all of these Social media platforms in tandem so that the Online Sales from any one platform does not stay back or rush ahead of its contemporaries and create long term issues for the Brand Authenticity of the business. Social Spil also helps adjust the business so that the content they post never gets them at an impasse with the customers.