It is not an exaggeration when someone says that Social Media is the best source of Marketing in the current time. While the some may disagree, the many of those naysayers have moved with the current times, and along with the current generation that thrives on Social Media there are ample reasons to believe that Social Media is currently the best source of Marketing. 8 of the (many) reasons are listed below:


1) Social Media Marketing is a Display of Authenticity

Social Media Marketing

Social Media helps businesses in carving their niche, in displaying their product in the fashion that they want, as opposed to the try generic posters that are used by businesses or offline promotion. This way, even the customers start to relate a product with the brand and business they remember, instilling in them a feeling of loyalty towards the brand.


2) Use of experts

Social Media Marketing

Social Media can be used by businesses to help promote their product with the help of experts. A product supported by a Social Media Influencer is a prime example of exemplary Social Media Marketing.


3) Understand the audience

Social Media Marketing

The various tools available on Social Media allow experts as well as newcomers in gaining an understanding of their target audience. Even those who do not have any idea of how to use these tools can gain the services of organizations like Social Spil to understand the behavior of their consumers, by reading the tweets, the status updates, and more, the business gain a better idea about a potential customers’ interests, his/her hobbies, their preferences and what kind of products they look for and want to buy.


4) Relationship with Customers through Social Media

Social Media Marketing

A business which is active on Social Media, and interacts regularly with its’ customers, builds an unbreakable bond with these customers. By answering questions, responding to queries and even sharing with customers the content that is relevant to them, and also by sharing interests with the customer.


5) Instagram Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Instagram is a major part of the Social Media Marketing segment, as it contains a greater number of potential shoppers than any other Social Media platform. Shoppers turn to Social Media because they want to experience the different visuals of what they want, to make a purchase decision. The businesses that run their Instagram Marketing properly, cater to the wishes of Instagrammers, by providing them with the relevant ads and hashtags to build bonds with these shoppers and have them follow the business on Instagram, thus ensuring the growth of the business on Instagram while also amassing substantial profits from Instagram Sales.


6) Customer Service

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a vast platform. Here, there is an abundance of customers who are looking for their desired products among the sea of thousands if not millions. When a business brings these people towards them, the business can provide various promotions and offers to these shoppers to build relationships and gain their following. This following is substantially more loyal as long as the business caters to the interest of the customer. That’s because the customer can give direct feedback to the business, and since businesses have experts who help with maintaining the feedback system, no complains and suggestions of customers go unheard, making the customer happier.


7) Organic Growth through Social Media Marketing

When a business shows Instagram Growth, its potential becomes higher and higher. A carefully cultivated and maintained an Instagram presence, along with the Social Media presence on other platforms, is the key to Social Media Marketing, and with the growth in Social Media Marketing, the overall scenario of Online Marketing itself shows significant growth. This Organic Growth, built with the help of the initial help of experts such as those from Social Spil, and then consequently, building relationships with the customer base, is beneficial for the business involved since it does not show any adverse effects and has the potential to truly reach high.


8) Stable Industrial Presence

One various Social Media Platforms, whether they are Facebook, Quora, Instagram, Twitter, or any other, responding to queries and answering questions leads to businesses establishing a stable presence in their field. With time, these queries and answers start appearing on other Social Media Channels, as well as start getting displayed when people make similar searches through search engines. This sort of passive strategy in Social Media Marketing truly benefits the business involved, especially when these answers get shared and retweeted and thus, become open to a wider audience.